We are a team of passionate  engineers, traders, quant researchers and crypto maximalists.

We have adopted vertically integrated product development, operation and innovation for our R&D. Our scientific approach to algorithmic trading and financial engineering enables us to build one of the world’s most innovative environments for crypto research and algorithmic trading.
Advanced quant research and extreme programming

Project L3 Atom has enabled a new generation of data analysis methodologies, data analysis techniques, statistics and crypto native insights to innovative quantitative research and to develop highly scalable trading technologies. Our extreme software optimization framework (ESOF) is designed to scale software development with ever changing requirements. 

Algorithmic trading

Combines systematic crypto trading and years of algo research.  With trial and error, we have developed a scientific approach to algorithmic strategy development, execution and optimisation on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

High-frequency trading

For the first time in Project L3 Atom enables atomic granularity on the order book and is able to scale low latency trade execution and signal generation. The rich data and insights of the market impact, participant fill rate, order flow, order book and real-time supply and demand allows us to test, design and optimise high-frequency trading on crypto futures and derivatives. 

Academic research & product innovation

Crypto is a wild 24/7 industry. Often needing to rethink engineering and problem-solving in first principles. It pushes imagination and creativity to its limits while giving unprecedented value and opportunity for innovation. Our engineers, researchers and product managers work day and night to improve and invent new ways to solve difficult problems.

R&D Grants

Colorful Abstract

ACPRI (Automated chart pattern recognition infrastructure) framework using Deep Learning.

Application closing dates : January 15th

USD 50,000